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Prof Amin Rajan

Our Networks

At CREATE we believe that networking is essential for today's business professionals. In order to respond to constant change, building partnerships and sharing good practices at senior level is vital to business success in this rapidly changing global market place.

The Reform Group

This comprises around 30 Human Resource Directors from major UK corporates. They meet quarterly at London's Reform Club to discuss pertinent human resource issues and areas of mutual interest. Occasionally, a key politician joins the discussion to provide the Government's perspective.

If you are interested in joining these informative sessions, please e-mail us at info@create-research.co.uk

London Human Resource Group (LHRG)

The London Human Resource Group is an independent network of HR professionals, drawn from a broad spectrum of institutions providing financial, professional and business services, based pre-dominantly in the City of London.

The Group's purpose is to contribute to London's standing as the premier financial centre in Europe by being a thought leader in business excellence and people management. This is primarily achieved through the publication of commissioned research, occasional papers and seminars.

The Group has sponsored six publications: Create or Abdicate (1998), Capital People (1990), Winning People (1994), Tomorrow's People (1998), Tomorrow's Organisation (2001) and Harnessing Workforce Diversity to Raise the Bottom Line (2003).

The Group is chaired by Michael Robinson, Global Head of HR, Man Investments. Other members of the group are:
Citigroup plc
Coutts Group
Freshfield Bruckhaus Deringer
Lloyds of London
Lloyds Register
London Merchant Securities plc
People in Business
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Royal Bank of Scotland
Tenon Group plc
The UK Career Academy Foundation
Wellington Management International Ltd
Willis Group Services Ltd

For more information on LHRG and how to join the Group please e-mail us at info@create-research.co.uk

Prof Amin Rajan

Business Experience

Amin Rajan is the Chief Executive of CREATE-Research - a network of prominent researchers undertaking high level advisory assignments for governments, global banks, fund managers, multinational companies and international bodies such as the EU, OECD and ILO.

He has also acted as a senior consultant to companies such as ABN-AMRO, Aegon Group, Barclays, BlackRock, BP, BT, Citibank, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, EDS, Fiat, Ford, GSK, HSBC, IBM, ING Bank, JPMorgan Asset management, Legal & General plc, Lloyds Bank, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Motorola, Principal Global investors, RBC Dexia, Royal Bank of Scotland, Prudential, Rolls Royce, Royal SunAlliance, T.Rowe Price, Shell, Storehouse Group and UBS.

Strategic Leadership

In 1998 he was awarded the Aspen Institute's Prize in leadership. It is a subject on which he has done extensive research involving some of today's outstanding business leaders. In two resulting publications, he has developed a close link between leadership and the emerging business models. As a result, he has been invited to provide leadership coaching to senior executives and investment specialists in companies as varied as:

Anglian Water Group
Allianz Global Investors
Cisco Systems
Citi Group
Credit Suisse Asset management
Deutsche Asset Management
Deutsche Bank
Electronic Data Systems
HSBC Holdings
Intermediate Capital Group
Invesco Europe
Pinnacle Insurance plc
UBS Asset Management
Virgin One Account

In recognition of his achievements, he was invited to give four major public lectures in the UK:

the Jean Monet Lecture on Business in an Integrated Europe (1992)
the Royal Society of Arts Manufacturing Lecture (1996)
the Royal Society of Arts Millennium Lecture on Leadership in the Knowledge Age
the Royal Society of Arts Midlands Lecture on Leadership in the Age of Dilemmas
the Royal Society of Arts Lecture on Diversity and the Bottom Line (2004).

Professional experience

As well as appearing on radio and television regularly, he has contributed feature articles to The Financial Times, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, and The London Evening Standard and IPE. He has published reports and articles on leadership, business cultures, strategic change, globalisation, new technologies, and new business models.

He has presented the results of his work at over 100 major events in the USA, UK and Asia-Pacific in the last five years. His expertise covers, amongst others, leadership and new business models in financial services.

He is the author of various widely acclaimed research reports on different aspects of financial services:
Not All Emerging Markets Are Created Equal (2014)
Investing in a High Frequency Trading Environment (2014)
Upping the Innovation Game in a Winner Takes All World (2013)
A 360-Degree Approach to Preparing for Retirement (2013)
Investing in a Debt-Fuelled World (2013)
Market Volatility; Friend or Foe? (2012)
Investment Innovations: raising the Bar (2011)
Exploiting Uncertainty in Investment Markets (2010)
Future of Investment: What's Next? (2009)
DB and DC Plans: Improving their Delivery (2009)
Globalisation of Funds: Threats and Opportunities (2007)
Towards Enhanced Business Governance (2006)
Tomorrow's Products for Tomorrow's Clients (2006)
Comply and Prosper: A Risk Based Approach to Regulation (2006)
Hedge Funds: a catalyst reshaping global investment (2005)
Raising the Performance Bar: Challenges facing global investment management
Revolutionary Shifts, Evolutionary Responses (2003)
Harnessing Workforce Diversity to Raise the Bottom Line (2003)
Tomorrow's Organisation: New Mindsets, New Skills (2001)
Harnessing Creativity to Improve the Bottom Line (2001)
Fund Management: New Skills for a New Age (2000)
Good Practices in Knowledge Creation and Exchange (1999)
Competing Through Skills (1999)
Leading People (1998)

He is a visiting professor at the Centre for Leadership Studies at Exeter University, and an associate fellow at Oxford University's SAID Business School.

Government Experience

As an economist, he has held significant positions, including:
Secretary, Economic Group, Cabinet Office, providing weekly briefs to the
Prime Minister
Forecaster, UK Treasury's Econometric Model, producing forecasts of key
macro indicators.

Community Work

He has also served as:
Trustee, Board of The Royal Society of Arts
Trustee, Campaign for Learning
Member, Government's Council for Excellence in Management and Leadership
Fellow, Windsor Leadership Trust

Amin Rajan in the FT

The following write up featured in the FTfm in 2008:

Download it here

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