CREATE-Research is an independent global forecasting centre. It produces detailed research reports and consultancy programmes on the changing workplace, organisation and society. It relies on a network of leading researchers around the world.

Forecasts seek to answer the following questions:

What are the external change drivers affecting individual businesses in different industries?
Typical ones include regulation, deregulation, market liberalisation, demographics, new technologies and others that affect the competitive environment in which today’s businesses operate.

How do companies respond to the drivers?
Typical responses include changes in products, processes, technologies, working methods, cultures and structures consistent with a virtual organisation based on a network of alliances and outsourcing.

What kind of skills, values and behaviours are required?
The competencies and mindsets that are consistent with a high performance culture are identified in detail for all categories of staff, especially top executives and senior managers.

What are the optimal routes for developing them?
Different learning routes are identified, duly distinguishing between taught learning, distance learning, mentored learning and experiential learning.

What are the implications for education and training systems?
These are spelt out in terms of curriculum, teaching methods and learning cultures at secondary, tertiary and higher education levels.

Our research studies usually have a strong sectoral as well as subject orientation. Sectors usually covered include aerospace, air transport, banking, insurance and finance, IT, automotive, oil, pharmaceuticals and telecoms. Where a sector has a strong presence from small and medium sized enterprises, this is highlighted.

Subjects that have received special attention in our research in recent years include:
leadership development
knowledge management
talent management
labour market flexibility in general and mindset flexibility in particular
culture change, especially how not to do it
improving employability
supply chain management
what makes a world class company
brand development


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