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Can capital markets save the planet? (2021)

There is currently no clear line of sight between climate investing and its impacts.
Green portfolios have not yet equated to a green planet.

But three recent catalysts are set to change that.
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Passive investing 2021: Rise of the social pillar of ESG (2021)
This report shows how the 'S' pillar of ESG has raced up pension investors' agenda due to the current pandemic.
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CREATE-Research is an independent research boutique specialising in strategic change in global investment management. Its main focus is innovations in the newly emerging:

asset allocation models
business models
client service models
product development models
digital infrastructure

We undertake major research assignments from prominent financial institutions and global companies. We work closely with senior decision makers in reputable organisations across Europe and the United States.

Action-oriented research is our core capability: insights from it are used to facilitate strategic change via six channels:

High profile media: we write feature articles the Financial Times and IPE as well as comment on stories covered by them and CNBC
International conferences: our reports have featured at over 100 major events in the last five years
Coaching & mentoring: we have provided one to one just-in-time support to over 50 CEOs and CIOs undertaking strategic change in the past five years
Strategic leadership development: we continue to provide customised learning programmes to help top executives to create a culture of innovation and high performance
Personal networks: we run informal networks that bring together the movers& shakers in every area of the investment value chain
Academic teaching: we contribute to top executive education programmes at prominent universities on both sides of the Atlantic.
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